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A small, hard-working Mobility Rental firm based in Playa Blanca. Established in 2006,

Roy McGuckin

Roy McGuckin
Founder and Owner

Roy once dreamed of running his own business abroad, and first began deciding to leave the cold weather of the UK while on holiday in Lanzarote in 2004. Within 2 years, in 2006, we opened the business, and to begin with it was a huge learning curve, and still is. Everyday bringing new challenges


Samantha McGuckin

Samantha McGuckin

Samantha ensures that the business runs smoothly, the backbone.

Despite her fondness for chit chat, Samantha is a bit of a book worm and likes nothing more than a night in with a good book.

Sam is your first point of contact for all corresponding emails and telephone conversations.


“We're a small and growing business. We look forward to meeting you and your family!! 

Roy Mcguckin

Founding Owner

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